Selling Your Home In Beaufort, SC with Kip and Audrey from Ballenger Realty

selling your home in Beaufort, SCAccording to more homes sell in Beaufort, SC during the Spring and early summer than any other time of the year.  If you are one of the many home owners looking to sell, here are some easy home improvements to boost the sales price of your home by 12% or more.

Decluttering should be at the top of the list. The cost to you is $0 and you can have the entire family chip in. This improvement alone will produce a 3% to 5% return.  Potential buyers, who view your home, truly want to see themselves living there but if you have personal knick-knacks, photos and clutter everywhere it’s hard for them to visualize this.  Plus, it makes rooms and closet look smaller instead of spacious.  Also, decluttering now will help you to get ready to move when the time comes.

Next, focus on the kitchen.  Make sure any minor repairs such as leaky faucets, loose light fixtures and floor scratches are repaired.  Update cabinet hardware to spiff up the front of cabinets and drawers.  Clean off your counters.  Putting away appliances and kitchen gadgets will give the illusion of more work space.  Touch up the paint on the walls.  Make sure the curtains and light fixtures are clean.  Lastly, organize the pantry.

Put the bathroom next on your to-do list.  Freshness is everything in these rooms and will net you a 2% to 3% return.  Replace the caulking around the tub, shower and floor seams.  Touch up the paint to brighten the walls.  Clean the grout.  If it’s in the budget, update the mirrors and light fixtures.

Number four on your list is the paint.  This can be a deciding factor for a buyer.  If the paint looks fresh and new it’s just one less thing a new buyer must worry about and it shows overall maintenance of the home.  But, as the seller, you don’t need to paint the entire home.  Touch up what won’t clean up.  Ajax works wonders on dirty walls and baseboards.   If you are painting chose neutral tones, white, off-white, beiges or grays.

Lastly, is the curb appeal and the feeling of “coming home”.  With a 2% to 5% return, focus on basic maintenance.  Make sure the yard is mowed, the bushes are trimmed with fresh mulch and plant a few flowers along the walkway and mailbox.  Pressure wash sidewalks and the driveway.  Add a new doormat.

Be the stand out – in a cost efficient way! This will help you go from “for sale” to “under contract” to “closed”.  If you are thinking of selling, would love to help you find your way home…