Landscaping Tips to Help Sell Your Property in Beaufort, SC.

Landscaping tips to help sell your home in beaufort, SCLandscaping can make or break a deal, adding accents with pops of color, keeping your yard green and fresh and  pressuring washing  drive and walkways can help sell your property.

Buyers love a nice green lawn.  If you don’t have a sprinkler system, your local home improvement store will have easy-to-use and affordable sprinkler units that hook up to a garden hose. You can also add color with flower pots: plastic or terra cotta pots filled with seasonal plants are an easy, inexpensive and quick way to spruce up a drab entryway, driveway or front porch. You don’t have to go overboard; one or two pots can do wonders. Check out what flowers to plant with HGTV.

Sometimes, a landscape or outdoor area doesn’t need a complete overhaul to look brand new. When it comes to decks, fences, driveways, and any other outdoor surface that can accumulate dirt and grime, an easy way to freshen things up is pressure washing. You don’t have to buy a pressure washer – many home improvement stores have them for rent.

While it’s highly unlikely you’ll have many people come and view your home at night, a fun and easy way to add to your current landscape is with lights!  Whether it’s adding a new outdoor lamp, or putting in walkway or path lights (solar ones are readily available and environmentally friendly!), buyers love to see little details put into homes. Pathway lights are often overlooked by homeowners, but a home with outdoor lighting will always speak volumes to potential buyers. Spotlights are also a great and easy addition – LEDs can highlight specific areas, and complete units can be found for under $30.

Ditch the dead plants. Take a couple of minutes each day to check out your yard – grass, flower beds, pots, etc. – and pull out anything that’s dying or dead. While it’s a plus to have flowers and shrubs, if they’re dead, you’re better off getting rid of them than keeping them around because dead plants do nothing for the landscape.

Spruce up your flower beds with new mulch or other ground covers like bark chips or gravel to help make the beds look fresh and new. A yard that has fresh mulch will always draw in a buyer’s eye because the yard looks put together and cared for.

Summer and early fall is a popular time for real estate and an even more popular time for your yard. If your home can benefit from a little yard TLC, don’t hesitate. The tips above are easy, quick, and they’ll certainly help your home stand out from the competition. If you want even more suggestions, your agent Audrey and Kip are a great resource 267.300.8469. Flower power!!!