Tips to Price Your Beaufort South Carolina Home for the Best SaleBefore the Internet was widely available, determining the price of your home relied heavily on a real estate agent or broker so here are a few tips to price your Beaufort South Carolina home for the best sale price.  Now, with access to many different online real estate information sites, pricing a home can seem like a very easy task.  While it may be easier for a seller in 2019 than it was 1980, pricing a home still best involves an agent and additional research to ensure a competitive list price.

If it’s time to put your house on the market, the first step is to contact your local real estate agent.  

You may ask, “Why do I need an agent?” A local agent is going to have experience in the local market. An agent will also have access to information on recently sold or pending sale properties that can directly impact the price of your home, including why some homes have become pending sales while buyers have ignored others.  An agent will also have online MLS data readily available, and they won’t have an issue when it comes to accessibility of that data. While it could be argued that the information is freely available online, using an agent ensures you have an expert on your side.

Being prepared is never a bad thing, especially when it comes to selling your home. After you’ve enlisted the help of a local agent, use one or two of the many listing sites available to look at properties in your community. Online sites are very useful in determining median listing prices, median closing prices, and average price per square foot for your area.

The Internet has made accessing property information much easier than in previous decades. Sellers can now plug their address into a website and view a home value estimate. These online sites are a great tool for a seller looking to get a broad idea of what their home could bring on today’s market. Keep in mind that estimates are not always accurate and should be combined with other market research and information.

Online price calculators will give you an estimate of your home’s value, but they use sold data in your area, which is the most basic data to determine the price of your home. They don’t take into consideration any upgrades, or any local market nuances that a local agent would know. It’s also likely that no two sites will be the same when it comes to the estimate generated, so while a home value estimator is useful, it should only be used as a reference guide.

Determining what to list your home for shouldn’t be a daunting task, use what’s available to you to make it as easy as possible. Contact your local agent for an expert opinion and use online websites and information to reinforce your agent’s recommendation and your peace of mind.